Arduino scm & diy Microphone Pickup Audio Microphone Amplifier Module DIY Kit Dual Track Output Gain Adjustable DC 12V 3.5mA MIC Sound Voi

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Description:Product name: Microphone with adjustable sensitivityWorking voltage: DC9-15V, 12V recommendedWorking current: above 100mAResponse frequency: 20Hz-20KHzMonitoring range: about 100 square metersFinished product size: length 56 * width 25 * height 16mmProduct net weight: 15 gramsThe power input has anti-reverse protection, which can effectively prevent the module from being damaged if the power is reversed.Product description:This product uses a low-noise processing chip, plus a diaphragm capacitor microphone, combined into a power amplifier that can be connected to audio input.Can directly monitor the subtle sound of the scene. Equipped with a trimming resistor, which can adjust the sensitivity and easily change the monitoring distance and range.Scope of application:It can be used in factories, banks, schools, trains and other production facilities that need to be monitored. It can be used as auxiliary equipment such as monitoring and synchronous recording. It can also be used as a megaphone with the power amplifier. Connecting two modules can be used as an intercom system.Tips:When the signal is too strong, or the pickup and the speaker are close together, self-excitation may occur. At this time, you can set the amplifier volume.Turn down or reduce the sensitivity on the module.The positive and negative sides of the interface are marked, pay attention to it when wiring.The output needs to be connected to the amplifier to hear the sound, and cannot be directly conne

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